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How Neotalent and ISDEFE keep airports in Spain running smoothly

Since 2009, Neotalent has been responding quickly to meet the software testing needs of the Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España (ISDEFE). ISDEFE is a state-owned consulting and engineering company that provides technical services to the Spanish state and its civil and military agencies.

Over 20 dedicated software engineers and testers currently work at the software laboratory of AENA, the subsidiary of ISDEFE that manages airports and heliports throughout Spain and Europe.

Working together to ensure quality

Continuously improving security and operational systems in airports requires a constant focus on quality.

There’s a need to have a highly skilled team of software testers and database analysts that can work to international standards and certifications.

“Neotalent is very adaptive to our needs and highly efficient at selecting and managing people”

Manuel Fernández Astaburuaga Group Coordinator, ISDEFE

To ensure capacity demands are constantly met, ISDEFE and Neotalent have a closely integrated partnership. Neotalent responds quickly to provide assistance and complement ISDEFE’s team of professionals.

The collaborative working partnership and efficent selection process from Neotalent, mean that there is a very fast response to demand for people with specific skills.

ISDEFE can quickly supplement its team with highly trained professionals and maintain focus on its critical work keeping airports in Spain and across Europe running smoothly.

Skills and technologies supplied by Neotalent
  • software testing
  • database systems adminstration (DBA)
  • certified Oracle, WebLogic and SUSE Linux expertise
Automotive and aviation
  • Automotive and aviation

    How Neotalent and ISDEFE keep airports in Spain...

  • Financial services

    Second largest Irish Bank