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How Neotalent boosts the velocity of Frotcom International’s agile development teams

The speed of Frotcom’s development cycles depends on the specialist skills it has available. When it added Neotalent to the team, sprint speed increased five-fold.

Frotcom International is a leading global provider of intelligent vehicle fleet management and GPS tracking solutions, with a presence in more than 30 countries.

Frotcom helps companies with vehicle fleets by continually designing and developing innovative, cloud-based solutions. It is critical to the business to keep improving solutions quickly to meet user needs and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Based on its own resources, Frotcom’s agile team could reach a sprint velocity of 21 story points. But finding specialist Microsoft Azure developers to increase development speed was difficult.

“Neotalent provided us with the know-how we needed quicker than a traditional recruitment process”

Carla Almeida HR Manager Frotcom International

Frotcom International partnered with Neotalent to help restructure its team and increase the number of valuable Microsoft developers.

Neotalent’s solution includes providing 4 full-time equivalent resources plus 1 full-time developer to Frotcom’s back-end team.

Neotalent’s people all have specialist knowledge of Microsoft Azure and were able to adapt quickly to Frotcom’s business and working culture.

21 story points > 105 story points

With the extra high-quality resources in the team it is now possible for Frotcom to increase the number of developments completed each sprint, and boost velocity from 21 story points to 105 story points per sprint.

Skills and technologies supplied by Neotalent
  • FTE developer resources
  • Microsoft Azure
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