Extra capacity. Expert IT resources.
Tailored nearshore solutions.

We have a talent for that

Specialist skills, when you need them most

Rapid business change and faster development cycles require a quick response and the right skills. Our deep pool of professional talent extends your team’s capacity to meet new challenges – without the time and cost of retraining or recruiting staff.

Flexibility to meet fluctuating demand

Quickly scale up to meet demand, or ramp down to cut costs. Our capacity service model gives you the flexibility to achieve your development goals, whether it’s rapid digital transformation or freeing up BAU resources for valuable strategic work.

Nearshore, offshore, onsite. We’re close to your business.

Whether we’re working nearshore or in your offices, we take the time to understand your business. Our consultants spend 2-4 weeks with you adapting to your culture, methodology and standards. Our experience tells us this improves communications and delivers better results.

Go agile without the disruption.

Moving to agile methodologies and lean ways of working can upset your delivery rhythm. Our highly experienced agile teams maintain speed to market while embedding new techniques such as Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and SAFe.

Tap into Lisbon’s thriving tech scene

Our multi-lingual team is based in modern offices in the centre of Lisbon with secure, controlled access areas for client work.

Top IT talent

Highly qualified English-speaking talent that powers tech giants and start ups.

GMT timezone

80% of Europe is within a 2 hour flight and works to similar business hours.

Innovation hothouse

Fast-growing creative and tech hub for incubators and accelerators.

Call me about building your nearshore capacity

Tailored services to suit you

Every software development project is unique so we offer different managed services models to meet your needs.

  • Capacity services – extend your team with an agreed number of full-time equivalent staff. We manage the team in-house or on-site, and baseline the number of consulting hours. It’s ideal for big projects and digital transformation initiatives where you need constant capacity with predictable budgets.
  • Nearshore delivery – you outsource your extra capacity and we deliver the work from our Lisbon offices. You can take advantage of our highly qualified, multi-lingual team working to similar office hours but with a significantly reduced cost.
  • Agile solutions – our deep pool of talent means we can deliver multi-disciplinary teams ready to work to the latest agile methodologies. Our people are ready to hit the ground running, embed new ways of working, and build velocity so you can deliver products or features quickly.

We tailor service levels to meet your chosen KPIs such as cost-efficiency or quality. SLAs can be focused on time or deliverables, shared risk, even penalties and bonuses for performance – all adjustable as your project matures.

We have the talent for your industry

Our development resources have experience across specific technologies and business sectors for quick and seamless integration with your in-house teams.

Financial services

Our expertise in banking and insurance means that you can call on professionals that understand your infrastructure, compliance and security challenges. With a deep pool of COBOL (Hogan, Cogen and more), RPG, Java, .Net and Oracle (PL/SQL) talent we’re ready to help with core banking continuity, PSD2 compliance and omni-channel services.


Increase your speed to market by extending your technical capabilities in no time. Our full-time equivalent developers can pick up application development or simplify complex transaction processes (like Real time Inventory, Self-checkout, AI or a true Omnichannel experience). We have specialised resources in cloud solutions that can help you to transform your operating model.


Complement your systems and teams with our development expertise and innovation talent. Our nearshore capacity services can help you to move away from day-to-day contractors and bridge the IT skills shortage created by increasing demand for digital services.

Trust Neotalent to deliver

Our strong recruiting knowledge, and ability to attract and retain talent means we keep service levels consistently high.

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