The responsive people

What the digital economy needs is talent. Good one. Proven one. Nurtured one. Happy one. We deliver. Fast. With a career design mentality we attract the best talent and match it to the most ambitious projects needs.
We create the conditions and the environment to nurture and develop highly specialized professionals and to deliver top class talent.
We have the tools to match it to business challenges. We maintain a hands on approach to projects developments with our ACTIVE LOOP POLICY, both screening for optimisation in business context as for future career developments and goals for our talent.

We fuel the economy through responsible specialized workforce development and precise fitting for each project. From scouting to nurturing to and career development and empowering specialists to highly experienced connectors that make the right fit between person and project. We use the Neotalent TO.GO Model – Talent Overall Governance – to achieve maximum project efficiency and potential

Scouters – that look for the best talent where it grows and manage our academy talent pool
Profilers – that analyses business and makes the right match
Boosters – that oversights talent carreer and fosters personal, technical and career growth
Connectors – that create the project dialogue and overview loop policy

With a Career Design approach:
Exposure – the opportunity to be seen and recognized
Placing – the opportunity to work on the best projects
Outlook – the opportunity to make choices
Stability – the assurance of a career

With a Business Advantage Focus:
Fit – the guarantee of proper matching
Agility on change – the flexibility to improve delivery
Highly specialized pool of talent – the guarantee of resources back up
LOOP POLICY - the performance continuous monitoring, tracking, reporting, and evaluation

We build a Career Design approach:
Let´s show their faces – Let´s create Neotalent stars -
Create a notion of importance and career awareness on candidates
Show the examples in big projects past and current
Let´s map the career -
The scale and dimensions of the projects, the milestones, the opportunities,
the freedom and the evolution outlook with career focus benefits upfront.
Let´s involve them in the company life and create the moments to touch base
Let´s create rankings - Assure premium prices and premium compensations based on ranking policy
Let´s give them regular feedback and pay attention to evolving candidate expectations
Let´s compensate referral
Let´s make an academy exciting and desirable for every finalist

With a Business Advantage Focus:
Let´s perfect the match making
Let´s tune up the automation
Let´s excell candidate screening
Let´s have a better assessment of fit
Let´s build a steady EveryShore Pipeline available for EveryChallenge
Let´s have retention policies that guarantee stability and reliability

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