Refer a Talent Program

Challenge a friend to come work with us!

“Refer a Talent” is a referral program for the tech community, with the goal of attracting new talent, while promoting a quick response to Neotalent’s recruitment needs.

Share the contacts of your friends and colleagues who are willing to take a career leap, and who you consider to be an asset for Neotalent.

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You will receive incentives for each and every one of your referrals: for each one hired, you can win up to €1,000 in gift cards.

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1. What is Refer a Talent, and what is it for?

Refer a Talent is Neotalent’s referral program for everyone outside the organization. Under this program, you can refer friends and colleagues to work at Neotalent and be rewarded for doing so. Neotalent is always looking for the best talent in the IT industry, especially if they’re recomended by someone who believes Neotalent is a good place to grow.

2. Who can participate in this referral program?

Anyone can refer a friend or colleague who works in IT and is willing to consider other career opportunities. The more interested they are, the more likely you will be rewarded for their hire. To be eligible for this program, make sure you are not part of the Novabase group; you are an individual entity (not a company); and you are over 18 years old.

3. How does the program work?

1) Identify friends and/or colleagues who you consider to be an asset for Neotalent; 2) Share their contacts with us by submitting the contact form; 3) You will be notified back about the status of your referral; 4) If your referral is hired, you will receive financial incentives of up to €1,000 in gift cards.

4. Are all referrals valid?

Although the vast majority of referrals are accepted, they must meet the following criteria: no contact with the Neotalent team in the last six months, and; no association with Neotalent as a partner or customer.

5. Which profiles is Neotalent looking for?

You can refer all functional and/or technical profiles directly linked to the areas of Information Technology and Communications.

6. I have friends who don't live in Portugal. Can I also refer them?

We value most referrals for Portugal, but also for the regions where we have open activity and/or projects, namely Spain, the UK and others.

7. How do I know that my referrals were considered?

1) After sending the referral, you will receive an e-mail from our team confirming the submission; 2) If your referral is hired, you will be informed by email and will know the estimated completion date for the integration; 3) Three months after the hire, and at the end of the integration period (six months), you will receive your financial incentive (gift cards).

8. What if someone refers the same person as I do?

If two people refer the same person, the one who made the referral first will receive the incentive.

9. How long does the integration period last?

The integration period lasts for six months from the date of hiring of the new employee, but you will receive the first financial incentive three months after the hire.

10. What will I receive?

A financial incentive three months after your referrals are hired, and also when the integration period has passed (six months). For each referral hired, you will receive €1,000, split into two gift cards of €500 each. Depending on how many people you refer, you can also get an extra reward from our Recruitment team.

11. How do I get the gift cards?

Three months and six months after your referral had been hired, we will contact you and send you your gift cards by mail.

12. If I have more than one gift card, do I get them all together or one at a time?

You will receive one card three months after the hire and another at the end of the integration period (six months), calculated from the date of hiring each referral.

13. How long does it take until I get my gift cards?

We will send you the gift cards up to 4 weeks after the 3-month and 6-month period is over. This means you will receive €500 within 4 months after your reference is hired, and another €500 three months after that.

14. How many referrals can I give in this program?

There is no limit. But remember that more important than quantity is the quality and suitability of the referrals you make.

15. Can I send referrals at any time?

Yes, whenever you want.

16. How long are the referrals valid for?

The referrals given are valid for six months. If the person is hired during this time, you will be notified.

17. Where will the people I refer be onboarded?

Referrals may be onboarded at Neotalent itself, or at Novabase Group companies, depending on existing opportunities.

18. Who is responsible for the program?

The Refer a Talent program is managed internally by the Neotalent team, according toregulations and laws on the protection of personal data. You can contact us by submitting the form, or reach out by email to