Terms and Conditions

Consent for processing personal data for the purpose of recruitment and selection purposes

I hereby expressly and unequivocally consent to the processing of my personal data for recruitment and selection purposes by Novabase Neotalent.

Novabase Neotalent may collect the following types of personal information (where permitted by law and when necessary):

  1. Employment history and educational qualifications;
  2. Language proficiency and other skills related to the job;
  3. Social Security number (for the propose of a possible admission procedure);
  4. Civil ID number, or other ID number issued by the government;
  5. Date of birth;
  6. Banking information (for the propose of a possible admission procedure);
  7. Telephone number;
  8. Citizenship and work permit status;
  9. Criminal and other records;
  10. Benefits information (for the propose of a possible admission procedure);
  11. Information contained in your curriculum vitae (CV);
  12. Information provided regarding your career interests and other information regarding your qualifications for the job;
  13. Furthermore, we can collect information that you want to provide to us regarding other persons, as well, emergency contacts information.

Novabase Neotalent collects the personal data identified above to:
a. Provide you with employment opportunities;
b. Enable our RHs to initiate the admission procedure (if any);
c. Evaluate your suitability as a candidate and your qualifications for the job;
d. Analyze the data when considering the suitability of the candidate regarding the job opportunity;
e. Evaluate individual performance and skills, including the scoring of skills related to the job;
f. Identify qualification development needs;
g. Use information related to the matching of the people with the opportunities;
h. Analysis of pipeline data (trends in hiring practices).

Novabase Neotalent may use information in other ways of which it will give specific prior notice.

The data processing may be carried out by a service provider of good standing, engaged by Novabase Neotalent. The said service provider will process the data solely for the purposes stipulated by Novabase Neotalent, and in accordance with the instructions given by Novabase Neotalent and will comply strictly with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data, information security and other applicable legal provisions.

Novabase Neotalent may also share your personal information with clients, who may have job opportunities available, or who are interested in placing our applicants.

Novabase Neotalent can also share my personal data with other companies in the Novabase Group, for the purposes indicated above.

The data processing by Novabase Neotalent will take place within the territory of the European Economic Area (EEA).

My personal data will be kept for 5 years, or for such time as is necessary for Novabase Neotalent to comply with its legal obligations.

The data controller is Novabase Neotalent, who can be contacted at Av. D. João II, no. 34, Lisbon or by email info@novabase.pt.

I am aware that I am entitled, as a data subject, to exercise my right to access, correct or delete my data, as well as to limit the same and to the portability thereof, subject to limits provided in the applicable legislation, by making a request in writing sent by email to data.privacy@neotalent.pt. I am also entitled to revoke this consent via the following by email to data.privacy@neotalent.pt. I am aware that I am also entitled to complain to the supervisory authority.